Semi-automatic optimisation solutions
for complex image annotation in AI
2D and 3D image annotation and computer vision solutions backed by specialized teams of annotators and quality controllers

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DataVLab annotation d'images
Why us
On-demand custom offering

Up to 10x Faster

Compared to traditional
annotation processes


Optimised combination
of manual and automatic


Custom-elaborated quality control protocols on a per-project basis


Annotators with domain-specific experience and knowledge


Pluggable on internal machine
learning pipelines

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Working on complex cases in ML
Annotation cases


Disease detection, phenotyping, weed-crop classification and insect identification-classification are cases that require a highly-specialized ML pipeline and workforce.

We offer custom pluggable solutions for these cases, including experienced annotation teams and AI engineers to meet the most rigorous needs.

Image Annotation Agriculture


The biomedical field is witnessing a complexification of use cases, including, but not limited to, small bone fracture detection, suspicious cell identification and orthopedic guidance systems for surgical applications.

Our ability and experience in processing various formats of images (incl. DICOM), combined with highly-specialized annotators, allow us to take on the most challenging cases in that field.  

Medical Image Annotation


Satellite imagery and aerial-drone imagery are increasingly being enriched with meta-information, making it a valuable data source for decision-making.

Use cases are cross-domain and we have the expertise needed to create end-to-end solutions, with high security and confidentiality protocols, for domains such as defense, economic intelligence, and others.

Geospatial Image Annotation

Predictive maintenance

Recognising specific types of defects on electrical installations or detecting different types of leaks on pipelines requires experience and expertise in that domain.

Our team is able to create end-to-end solutions covering the different project requirements and quickly adapting to changing needs.

Predictive Maintenance Image Annotation
How it works?

the founders

We bring a combination of technical and business expertise in image annotation that allows us to deal with the most complex cases in machine learning.

Roy Andraos

Roy Andraos


Daphné Wallach

Daphné Wallach, PhD.


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